Auto Accident Q & A: What If the “Other Guy” Refuses to Provide Information?

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A car accident is a traumatic experience. No matter how small the damage is, the stress of dealing with police, insurance companies, and medical examiners – all while being physically stressed by the accident – qualifies as a traumatic. To make matters worse, the others in the accident might not be cooperative in giving information to you or the insurance company. They could be scared, worried, or fear they are at fault, but a person who leaves the scene of an accident causes a lot of undue stress on the others in the auto accident.

Stay Calm and Stay Nice

The moments after an accident are all about making sure you are safe and collecting information in a cool, collected way. We have some tips on how to collect information here, but one of the major places you need information from is the others in the accident. Some things that you should ask about and write down are the other person’s license plate number, the name of their insurance, and their name.

It is important to act reserved and calm during the moments after an accident. You do not want to misspeak and say something you will regret. Try to have a calm, civil conversation in which you exchange basic information.

Leave the Investigation to the Police

If the other person is being uncooperative, you cannot force them to give you information. In most states, it is not mandatory that you give out your insurance information to other civilians. Instead, just try to pay attention and write down any information you can, including their license plate number, if you overhear their name or phone number, or a brief physical description. If the other person is seemingly aggressive towards you, do not do anything obvious. Instead, phone the police and consider your safety by always watching guard. Leave the investigation to the police – they are trained to investigate these matters.

Hopefully, you are never in a car accident. If you are, hopefully all of those involved will be helpful and give up information. In case they don’t, however, please remain as calm as you can and let the police do the work. You are under duress and should be mindful of your own safety in the situation.