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At Smith, Massey, Brodie, Guynn & Mayes, we understand that the legal system can be quite confusing and frustrating. Our job is to help guide you through the process the best we can, to alleviate that stress and confusion by lending our years of practice to your case. Here, we want to share some stories and information that is frequently asked of a lawyer. Things like, “When is the best time to call a lawyer after an accident?” or “Can I get Social Security Disability?”

A brief note: none of the information is meant to be legal advice or constitute a lawyer-client relationship. These are just stories and information that could be helpful in forming ideas and opinions. Information contained here does not guarantee an outcome and is not meant to promise any sort of results in a case. If you are seeking legal advice or council, please call us at 803-643-4110 or email us on our contact page.

Car Accident FAQ

  • General FAQ
  • At the scene of the accident

Social Security Disability FAQ

  • General FAQ