Car Accident App Recommendations From Our Aiken Law Firm

Being caught in a car accident can be very stressful and confusing, but have you heard of the phrase, “There’s an app for that”? Well, there are apps for car accidents to aid you in collecting information and to help guide you through the experience.

The first of these is the iCar Black Box. This app turns your iPhone into a black box, similar to what planes have. It will record vital information about the accident without your attention, saving information that may be used as evidence in a legal claim. With its GPS, it will record your speed and videotape the surroundings. To save memory, it only keeps this video footage if you instruct it to, either by pressing a button or using vocal commands. This is important because you might not be able to reach your phone during an accident. The app is also ‘smart’ enough to ask if you want to call 911 if it notices a sudden change of speed or other collision data. Being able to give the command vocally could be invaluable when caught in an accident. Ultimately, this app is relatively cheap and could help in making your case.

AAA also has an app that can help with accidents and general breakdowns on the road. The AAA Roadside Assistance App helps you access the services you can receive via your AAA membership. It could be quite helpful if your cell phone signal is poor in the area you are in, although it still relies on having signal. The app can show you services available in the area, local garages, and even pricing in some cases. This can help calm you with extra information as you are waiting for the police or AAA to arrive to the scene of the accident.

For Android users, the app Help I Crashed My Car is a fairly popular app in the Google Play store. Despite some criticisms, this app offers a detailed list of information and issues to check for in dealing with a car accident. This might seem overwhelming to the adrenaline-pumped parties of a car accident, but sometimes too much information is good. It can help remind you of useful things like taking pictures of the accident scene, taking down the other person’s license plate number, and other vital things to do at the scene.

Get Help After an Accident

Nothing works quite like the human brain, but in a stressful situation such as a car accident, it could be useful to download an app and help yourself in a time of need. Even if it is just making a checklist on your phone or taking other emergency precautions, our smartphones can help us out in stressful times. These are only a few apps that are out there that could be helpful in an auto accident. Remember, these apps, and all others, should only be used when you are not driving. Texting or playing games while driving greatly increases the odds of being in a car accident. Please be considerate of other drivers and put down your phone while you are driving.